We have a new collective insurance

I received, yesterday, the papers of our new collective insurance. Even though we were told that the new contract will give us the same coverage than the old one for lower premiums, I can’t help wondering if it will really be the case.

Our last collective insurance paid entirely most of my medecines and everything that I need for my diabetes: test strips and lancets.

I don’t know how much it cost else where, but in the province of Quebec, the cost for 100 test strips is 100$.


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Will I have to pay for my next eye exam?

fullsizeoutput_7beMy ophthalmologist informed me this morning that our next meeting next year will be at his private clinic instead of the hospital as it has been the case in the past 4 or 5 years.

I hope that by then the government will manage to solve the problem of incidental expenses, otherwise it might be quite expensive, considering that at each meeting, they put me 6 drops in the eyes so they can check the pressure in the eyes and inspect the inside of the eye to see if diabetes has begun to attack the eyes

And how much will it cost me, if I have to get a medical imaging exams to check behind the eyes, until now, it didn’t cost me dime when I went at the hospital.

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