You don’t call often…

One of my  friends who is retired called me today, he accused me of not calling him often enough, it’s true that I do not call him often, but I have a good excuse, I went back to work this Monday after a two weeks vacation and I did not necessarily had time to call him, anyway what did I have to tell him?

During my vacation, when we did not see each other, he could call up to 2 or 3 times a day via « FaceTime » and he could keep me in line for 20 or 30 minutes, He could say nothing between 5 and 10 minutes because he was watching TV and burying me with the sound of the TV, when he simply did not do anything else  than work on his computer.

At one point, I find it taking up a bit, to the point that I am starting to think, that when my cell phone contract is going to be finished, I will change my iPhone for an android phone, so He won’t be able to call again on Face Time or He will stop watching me to see where I am.


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