X Company translated in french

I learned today that one of the best tv shows presented on canadian television «X Company» has been translated in french and will be airing starting January 10, 2017 on cable TV ARTV one of the sister station of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/ Société Radio Canada.

The show tells the story of canadians and allied spies who are trained in Canada in sabotage, assassination, disinformation, intelligence gathering,  etc.   in Camp X in Ontario.

After their training, these agents are parachuted all over occupied Europe.

I wonder if actress Evelyne Brochu  who plays the character Aurora in X Company will make the translation or if another actress will do it.


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La série X Company traduite en français

Le 10 Jafullsizeoutput_740nvier prochain la chaîne ARTV présentera la première saison de l’excellente série «X Company» le titre portera le nom «Mission X», la série relate l’histoire des espions canadiens et alliés qui ont été entraînés à Camp X en Ontario, dans les domaines du sabotage, de l’assassinat, de la désinformation et qui vont être parachutés en Europe occupée.

J’ai hâte de voir si Evelyne Brochu fera la traduction pour son personnage.

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Can’t wait to see the show 11-22-1963 Vraiment hâte de voir l’émission 22-11-1963

Really looking forward to see, in french,  11-22-1963 a show based on a Stephen King novel. Heard a lot of good thing about the show. The show is starting on November 22, 2016,on Prise 2.

Vraiment hâte de voir l’émission 22-11-1963 qui est basée sur un roman de Stephen King et qui passera en primeur en français sur les ondes de Prise 2 à compter du 22 Novembre 2016.




Here’s a movie I really want to see Voilà un film que je veux vraiment voir

Always been interested in the lives to the Kennedys, and after seeing the promo of the latest Natalie Portman movie, I can say I really want to see the movie «Jackie» even though I don’t think that I will learn something new on Jackie.

J’ai toujours été intéressé par la vie des Kennedy et après avoir vu la promo du dernier film de Nathalie Portman, je peux dire que je veux vraiment voir le film «Jackie» même si je pense que je n’apprendrai rien de nouveau sur Jackie.


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Remembering the allied spies of WWII

This Remembrance Day, X Company honours the sacrifice made by our brave Canadian agents during World War II. Gone but not forgotten.

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Secret activities were going on at the Casa Loma Castle in Toronto during WWII

X Company star Lara Jean Chorostecki narrates this story of Station M, a secret installation located in Casa Loma during World War II.

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Be careful with your feet…

A friend of mine, who has been having problems with his feet for the last 6 months, because of his diabetes, keeps telling me that I shouldn’t walk too much, otherwise I could also have some feet problems.

Every time that He tells me that, I tell him that the chances are greater that I could end up blind before I get feet problems. About 5 years ago, I had 2 eye surgeries in less than a year, the first surgery was for a cataract and the second time, it was for a retinal detachment.

For the moment, the eye surgeon doesn’t know if the retinal detachment was a complication due to my diabetes, because at the time I had no diagnosis for this illness.